Real estate personal shopper for property owners who want to rent or sell their home.

Real estate personal shopper for property owners who want to rent or sell their home.

Are you about to sell or rent your own property?

Either option is a complicated task that requires a lot of your time and effort, especially if you have decided to do it on your own. But before you start, have you asked yourself: How much is my house worth objectively? Do I know all the legal issues? Do I know how to promote my house effectively?

Analyse why it is worth hiring my services, which will save you more than just a headache.

I do it differently to the others

I do not value your home. You already know how much you want to ask for, right?
Legal advice. I know it’s complicated…don’t get overwhelmed.
I am always transparent in my fees.
Detailed economic information about the type of tenant you want for your house.
Landlords’ Rent Guarantee Insurance as become fashionable and although nobody agrees whether it is useful or not, the truth is that it provides us with mental security.
I take care of the rental of your house throughout the life of the contract. I take care of potential unforeseen events with the tenant and day-to-day things, leaving you to relax in the Caribbean.
I will accompany you at all times in your decisions and concerns, if you wish.
I work with businesses. It is a safer, more profitable and totally legal alternative way of occupying your accommodation. There are no high or low seasons, so there is greater stability of income throughout the year.

Always looking for the best services for you, we want to make your life easier!

I offer you the services of ARAG, non-payment insurance.
Technology Renting… .and? I explain more here below:

logo Arag seguros

If you want to rent your apartment and guarantee the payment of the tenants’ monthly payments, you have to subscribe an insurance.

Forget about possible problems because ARAG’s lawyers will be by your side to claim and defend your rights as a property owner.

  • These are the 6 advantages of having ARAG Rental Insurance!
  • Coverage of unpaid monthly payments
  • Compensation for acts of vandalism
  • Claim in repair or maintenance contracts
  • Recovery of monthly payments lost due to fire or explosion
  • Debt coverage for supplies of the delinquent tenant
  • Unlimited telephone legal assistance

As a real estate expert I also offer a different service to my clients, both owners and tenants, what does it consist of?

Payment service for the use of technology or appliances, that is, rental of appliances, such as a Renting, and what does it include?:

  • Installation, maintenance and future recycling of equipment.
  • At the end of the subscription contract, you can choose between keeping the equipment by paying a final additional fee, returning it at no cost or replacing it with a new one, adjusting the fees to your needs.
  • No permanence and no complications
  • Very easy and cheap fees

Certificate of Habitability and Energy Certificate

They are 2 important and essential documents to rent or sell your home. Don’t you know where to start? That’s what I’m here for, to help you.

I have reached a collaboration agreement with qualified people, Architects and Engineers, so that they can give us an economic service and help us with the paperwork, so you have no excuse, let’s do it!

Beyond real estate, I see people with dreams, doubts and aspirations.

Thanks for all the kind words that you write about me...

Thanks for all the kind words that you write about me...