Real estate consultant for property owners who want to rent or sell their home.

Real estate consultant for property owners who want to rent or sell their home.

Are you about to sell or rent your own property?

Either option is a complicated task that requires a lot of your time and effort, especially if you have decided to do it on your own. But before you start, have you asked yourself: How much is my house worth objectively? Do I know all the legal issues? Do I know how to promote my house effectively?

Analyse why it is worth hiring my services, which will save you more than just a headache.

I do it differently to the others

I do not value your home. You already know how much you want to ask for, right?
Legal advice. I know it’s complicated…don’t get overwhelmed.
Detailed economic information about the type of tenant you want for your house.
Landlords’ Rent Guarantee Insurance as become fashionable and although nobody agrees whether it is useful or not, the truth is that it provides us with mental security.
I will accompany you at all times in your decisions and concerns, if you wish.
I work with businesses. It is a safer, more profitable and totally legal alternative way of occupying your accommodation. There are no high or low seasons, so there is greater stability of income throughout the year.

Always looking for the best services for you, we want to make your life easier!

Renovation and decoration services

I make available to my clients the option of hiring renovation and decoration services. This service is an ideal complement for those who have just moved into their new home and need a little help to brush up and finish off their home with a personal touch.

To help you, I suggest 3 types of reforms or decorations:

  • Simple: basic changes that do not require a high level of labor, such as fixing plugs, emptying a building, painting….
  • Fine tunning: Tiling, renovating, or decorating a whole room, etc.
  • Complete: reforms or integral decorations of a house or flat. Big works.

To carry out your reform or decoration project, we have in collaboration with local companies, professionals in the sector, dedicated to reforms and decoration such as home staging.

Call me or write me an email to carry out a reform or a decoration or home staging project and a professional will contact you as soon as possible to offer you the best budget adapted to your needs.

I collaborate with local companies to offer you the best service and the most competitive prices.

Certificate of Habitability and Energy Certificate

They are 2 important and essential documents to rent or sell your home. Don’t you know where to start? That’s what I’m here for, to help you.

I have reached a collaboration agreement with qualified people, Architects and Engineers, so that they can give us an economic service and help us with the paperwork, so you have no excuse, let’s do it!

Beyond real estate, I see people with dreams, doubts and aspirations.

Thanks for all the kind words that you write about me...

Thanks for all the kind words that you write about me...